A Bend in the Road

June 24th, 2011

Port Angeles, WA

If you asked me a year ago where we would be in 2012, I would have probably told you where we are now!  I would have known things would change after my husband’s retirement, but I had no idea the amount of change that would take place in our lives. The last 6 months have brought about many opportunities and decisions to be made. Ultimately we’ve decided that the family will be relocating to Port Angeles by the end of 2012. My husband got a job with WA Department of Fish and Wildlife as an officer in their Marine Division (his dream job!) and it is located in Port Angeles. He will be working on one of the biggest boats in their fleet, so I doubt he will want to relocate to another division closer to where we are now anytime soon. I am a firm believer that the family needs to stay together, so all of the gears are in motion to head in that direction, which changes everything.

There is a strong possibility I will be able to take my job with me, but I have to plan for the possibility that I can’t. This affects how much house we buy, when we move, etc etc. I’m sure things will all work out but the stress comes in analyzing what IS the right decision and when, then carrying that plan out. We have the factor of my husband’s mother that we’re supporting – we had to decide whether to sell her little cabin and buy a place, move it, or what? - we have a baby coming in October that affects our monthly income – we don’t know when Bryan will have to be there as he will probably be there before the family and will need a place to live. So many decisions and the decision of when all of these things should take place. I am trying to go with the flow, but I can’t help but over analyze things to make sure we’re doing the right thing. Money has been very tight since Bryan retired too, so that puts a new wrench in everything. Jenna needs to be there by the end of September, so she may beat us all there. We will not be able to buy until we sell our home, so when do we sell? Will it sell quickly?  Breathe!  I know it will all work out as it should and I am very excited to see where life takes us next, but there’s a lot we need to do to get there.

We didn’t know much about Port Angeles when Bryan got the job, but it seems to fit all of the things we must have in the place we want to live – such as waterfront, outdoor activities, close-knit community, farmer’s markets, family activities, festivals, good schools, and the list goes on. This is very exciting. We’ve also decided to live in town for awhile rather than out in the country like we do now, so this will be quite an adjustment. One that I think we’ll enjoy. Our way of life is going to change drastically as we learn to shave the extra 30 minutes we add to any commute and enjoy being part of a community that is within walking distance. Jenna has decided to go to the community college there and she loves the town. This has made the move even more exciting and lessened the blow of leaving our little piece of paradise behind. I look forward to creating a new piece of paradise where our whole family can gather and continue to enjoy life with us.

Everything is moving so fast, but I know everything will work out. Life has been very good to us so far and I know it will continue to be. All of this taking place makes me recite the quote – “The only thing we can count on is Change.” So true and I am one that thrives on change. It keeps life full and interesting.

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  1. Connie Romero says:

    Wow Nome, sounds like fun! I completely agree with you that change keeps life full and interesting! :) By the looks of it, Port Angeles looks like really nice place. I hope everything works out the way you plan it and congratulations again on the new baby :) Babies are so exciting!!!

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