May 8th, 2012

Silence is very powerful. It can represent many things. Exhaustion, elation, stress, reflection, focus, determination, faith…

I can say my silence has been filled with all of these. I am so behind on things that I have lapped myself at least a few times. I miss writing, yet, when can I? When should I write? I have a million other things more important to do, right? Time management is important, but so are priorities!

Here I am at 2am, behind on work and I’ve decided to write. This feels a bit irresponsible to me…

Have you ever seen that presentation of the glass jar and the large stones with the sand? If you put the sand in first, you have no room for the large stones. The sand represents all the busyness in life – the “small stuff” and the stones represent our top priorities – the things most important to us. My family is my biggest stone, which is certainly sitting square in the jar, but it seems work, our move, finances, etc which are all sand have filled my jar and left no room for any of my other stones – like maintaining my balance which leads to being a good Mom, playing, and relaxing, doing a good job at something!

So, here I sit. Wasting time, right? Nope. I need my dose of therapy. After all, I’ve only taken about 10 minutes so far to draft this, which has made me decide I need to go to bed. There. I’m working on my balance.

I can’t say with any form of confidence when I will write another post, but I have several in the works – in my mind – that I hope to get written…soon. Someday. So many wonderful things to say and no time. Well, I suppose it is time to work on that. :)



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2 Responses to “Silence”

  1. Love you! Its going to get better soon. I promise!

  2. Naomi says:

    Thanks. Love you too!

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